Why People are Hesitant to Connect

It’s time to stop withholding natural behavior

5 min readMay 22, 2024
Photo by freepik.com

Please stop this

It was our first date. I noticed that he kept gazing at me with admiration which I found quite amusing.

As we were about to say goodbye, he confessed that he wanted to compliment me on my hair, but he hesitated because he wasn’t sure how I would take it.

Wow. A good-intentioned compliment was withheld because he didn’t want to be seen as inappropriate or trigger an angry response.

Stop withholding natural behavior.

We all need to live and act authentically — that’s how we connect naturally with other humans.

You want to give a compliment? Give it. You want to hold the door? Do it.

Oh. You don’t like that?

Then read on.

You make your problems everyone else’s

I once had a friend who did not like to be hugged or touched.

The first time I made an attempt to hug her, she very politely and directly said she did not like being touched. I’m a hugger, but I accepted this and honored it.