This Question Helps Me Get Unstuck

I use this when overwhelmed or procrastinating.



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Unexpectedly, I had a free day.

It was a blessing, as I had grown overloaded with things I wanted to do, learn, figure out, fix, and address. Some work changes had created a sudden pressure to start moving toward a new goal, and I wanted to get moving fast.

However, my focus and energy were totally scattered as I tried to navigate how to approach the new day.

As my attention bounced between various action lists on my computer, another list I kept in my monthly planner, and various sticky notes on my desk, I stumbled across something I had written down months ago that made me pause.

It told me exactly what to do next.

The person I want to become

My next step was not an action, but a question.

I need to ask myself something that would direct my next move.

How will the person I want to become handle what I need to do next?

Well. That put my day to an immediate halt.

I had a vague idea of who I wanted to become… but it still felt fuzzy to me. the “how”. The “why”. The “ultimate goal” I was after.

It was a big question.

I decided to ask myself a much easier question.

Start with the negative

When you aren’t sure about what you want, sometimes it’s easier to start by identifying what you do NOT want.

In this case, I asked myself, “What kind of person do I NOT want to be today?”.

Kind of a weird question, but it worked.

I didn’t want to be unproductive or distracted. I didn’t want to be tired, or low energy because I ate bad food or overate. I didn’t want to be an over-spender, a messy person, or someone who has too much clutter.

I identified the traits, characteristics, and behaviors of what I did not want to be today.

And then I looked at my list of action items and I scratched off ones that aligned…




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