Here’s why I didn’t read your article

2 min readNov 16, 2021

You are probably very much like me — another writer seeking to share wisdom, touching stories, information, or guidance to those who need it.

Here’s the soul-crushing reality for every tenderhearted, hopeful writer.

The person who needs it won’t get it if they never read it.

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There are a lot of articles that I simply don’t read. And here’s why.

  1. It’s LONG. I write my articles to be super digestible, which means they are short. I like stuff that can be consumed in 2–3 minutes. People only want to take in so much when they are reading leisurely. Don’t be an attention hog. Catch them for a moment, and release them to explore something else — preferable another article you wrote.
  2. It’s BULKY. Those big, long paragraphs and long sentences? Immediate killer for me. This is another way that I make my work super digestible. Keep it short, concise, and know when to hit the return key.
  3. It’s TOO MUCH. Don’t write every article like it’s your last. If you are cramming too much information into one article, it loses power. One simple, concise, focused, well-written concept is far more impactful than adding literally everything you could think of in the last hour as you frantically typed away.
  4. It’s FLUFFY: Eliminate anything that isn’t critical…