The One Story That Must Remain Unchanged

It’s the one thing that cannot be improved upon.



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I felt that nudge

I had just woken from a nap and oddly enough, my first thought was that I should go see my chiropractor. I hadn’t seen him in a while, and although I felt fine, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I should go.

I didn’t think much of it as regular adjustments are good for the body and I was long overdue.

I called his office and I was told to come in today because he is leaving tomorrow to get married. So off I went.

That piece of paper

He adjusts me and as we often do, we chat a bit about life and dancing. And then, he gets up and gently hands me a piece of paper. It looks like a handwritten letter, scribbled in pencil, with things scratched out and added between the lines.

He quietly asks me to read it and give him my thoughts.

It doesn’t take me long to realize what I am reading… because I tear up at the very first sentence.

His wedding vows.

He explains that I am his favorite writer in the world and he wanted my thoughts on what he wrote… for the single most important and beautiful thing he will ever say to another human being.

The confluence of getting a preview of these exquisitely touching vows, and being asked to contribute to perfecting them by someone who holds me in such high regard as a writer, left me feeling very emotional and honored.

Perhaps I was called out of the house today for a reason.

When you see perfection

The moment I won’t forget was looking at him in awe and telling him how perfect it was. I offered a few minor word choices, but I couldn’t have improved on his vows in any way beyond that.

The story written from one’s own heart must remain unchanged by others.

One’s marital vows are exactly that. The most perfect, exquisite, and authentic expression of what their soul feels with their new husband or wife.

I am beyond honored by his request, but as a writer, we must know when to edit and when to recognize perfection when we see it.

Today, I knew it the second I saw it.

And I know she will too. ❤

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