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What I write about, my top 5 stories and what I do for fun

3 min readApr 20, 2023
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What do I write about?

I am a feminine, traditional, spiritual woman who is a voice of reason.

Much of my writing is about relationships (lots of fantastic dating advice!) and how to be a good partner for your cherished person. I love the polarity of the feminine and masculine energies and I see great beauty in that.

I also write on being more mindful and aware. I encourage people to think critically so we can empower ourselves to defend our highest good. I am a relentless truth seeker and I’m deeply committed to common sense.

And lastly, you’ll notice a theme of loving-kindness in my writing. I want to restore the goodness in our world where we connect through simple acts of kindness. Let’s focus on and celebrate the beauty of our fellow humans.

And yes, I’ve made Top Writer in several topics! Life Lessons, Love, Feminism

What I do for fun

I’m a middle-aged girl who is always on the run. If I’m not walking along a beach, admiring roses in my garden, or feeding ducks from my patio, you can likely find me at hot yoga before I run off for a night of dancing (Argentine Tango, Two-Stepping, Line Dancing or West Coast Swing).

On the weekends I am flying upside down in acro yoga, biking along the ocean, stand up paddle boarding or napping in my hammock.

And sometimes I go into nature and pray — in other words, I play golf. :)

I love hearing from my readers and hearing their perspectives, even when they are totally different from my own! I want to keep learning from others and I hope to give space for all to have a voice — whatever that may be.

🙋🏻‍♀️ I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments — chime in!

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